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Transportation System Plan Update from the Oregonian


The Oregonian reported on Wednesday that the Tualatin City Council removed the proposed 65th Avenue extension over the Tualatin River from further consideration. The proposed widening of Boones Ferry Road to the north of downtown has been forwarded into the draft Transportation System Plan. Read the full article here.

TSP Review Schedule


Last week, the Transportation Task Force met for the 16th and final time. The City of Tualatin is truly grateful for all the hard work and dedication of those who participated. While the Task Force came to consensus in support of the projects to be included in the "low build" scenario, there were still two projects that were not resolved: the potential Boones Ferry Bridge widening and the 65th Avenue Extension. If you would like to continue to be involved as the City of Tualatin finalizes the TSP, we encourage you to attend one of the following meetings where the unresolved projects will be discussed:

Tualatin Parks Advisory Committee - Tuesday, November 13th, 6:00 PM at the Heritage Center

Tualatin Planning Commission - Thursday, November 15th, 6:30 PM at the Police Station

Tualatin City Council - Monday, November 26th, 5:00 PM at the Council Chambers

Final Task Force Meeting this Thursday


The Transportation Task Force will have its final meeting this Thursday, November 1 at 5pm at the Tualatin Police Station. The meeting will serve as a final review of the TSP for the Task Force before it goes out for the official public hearings process.

The agenda for the meeting is for the Task Force to:

  1. consider and give final direction on the low build scenario (this includes all of the projects accepted by the Task Force in previous meetings and does not include Boones Ferry bridge widening or 65th bridge extension);
  2. review and consider the city-wide traffic analysis conducted since the September 20th Task Force meeting; and
  3. give direction on the Boones Ferry Road and 65th Avenue Refinement Areas.

The final Task Force meeting is open to the public, come learn about the future of transportation in Tualatin.

Final Task Force Meeting Rescheduled


To provide more time for a detailed analysis of how TSP projects fit together and address mobility issues in Tualatin, the final Transportation Task Force meeting has been rescheduled. Join us on November 1, 2012 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the Police Station. 

The Task Force has advised the City on both the Transportation System Plan update and Linking Tualatin. This will be their 16th and final meeting.

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