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About the TSP Update

The Transportation System Plan (TSP) is a long range guide to transportation investments in our community. It outlines policies and projects that are important to protecting and enhancing our quality of life here in Tualatin. Plan elements can be implemented by the City, private developers, and regional, state or federal agencies. A TSP is required by the State of Oregon and Metro, to help integrate our plans into the regional transportation system.

The City of Tualatin is beginning the process of updating our TSP by trying to understand current transportation conditions and problems, with the goal of creating a plan for what the transportation system might look like in 2035. The plan will balance the needs of drivers, public transportation, freight, bicycles, and pedestrians and will help define the role that Tualatin plays in the region. The TSP can also be a tool for reflecting community values and protecting what makes Tualatin a good place to live.

Why Update the TSP?

Tualatin's last TSP was completed in 2001. As Tualatin and the region continue to grow and change, the transportation system must adapt to the ways that people want to get around and through the city. Updates are helpful because many things have changed since our last TSP, this includes:

  • Tualatin's transportation needs,
  • Tualatin's transportation network,
  • Regional and state transportation priorities may be different: Metro requires that we update our TSP within two years of their Regional Transportation System Plan (RTP) to address changes within the region. Metro last updated their RTP in 2010.

Updating the TSP gives the City an opportunity to engage with the public and individual neighborhoods regarding their values and how they affect decisions about transportation choices.


A Transportation System Planning process includes a number of steps:

  1. Setting Goals & Objectives: This step asks the community to identify its needs and how the transportation system might help solve existing problems and shape the way the city looks and works in the future. Click here to view the Goals & Objectives (pdf, 52 kb).

  2. Describing Existing Conditions: Ensure the existing conditions and deficiencies of the Tualatin transportation system are accurately documented.

  3. Analyze Future Conditions and Needs: Identify the conditions that will impact Tualatin's transportation system in 2035, such as growth and changing demand. Analyzing future needs also allows us to make choices that are consistent with the Regional Transportation Plan and other related plans.

  4. Develop Evaluation Criteria: Identify ways to measure whether projects are appropriate to include in the TSP Update.

  5. Alternatives and Options: The Future Conditions and Needs Report and Evaluation Criteria will be used to determine the 'best fit' transportation system to satisfy the Goals and Objectives of the TSP Update. The Alternatives and Options will quantify the benefits and impacts of potential projects to be added to or removed from the current TSP, ensuring that the benefits outweigh potential impacts. This step will also evaluate replacement solutions for the Tualatin Road Extension that is being removed from the RTP.

  6. Solutions and Strategies: Based on the Alternatives and Options, transportation system solutions and strategies will be identified that can address future needs.

  7. Develop a Financial Plan: When possible solutions have been identified, a funding plan will be created that is consistent with the RTP and City revenue projections.

Click here for a larger, pdf version of this graphic.