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Goal and Objective, Process

The following public involvement goal & objective statement was created by city staff and community members at workshops during the Spring of 2011.

Goal: The public involvement process for the Tualatin Transportation System Plan (TSP) update will be an opportunity for all citizens, businesses, and transportation system users to learn about and participate in all phases of the TSP development. We will keep citizens engaged through transparent and continuous two-way communication, sharing information, questions, problems, and recommendations leading to widely supported solutions.

Objective: The objective of public involvement in the TSP will be to have informed public participation in planning decisions by providing understandable, clear, timely, and complete information about current issues and proposed policies, and by encouraging interactive exploration of a wide variety of potential solutions between policy-makers and citizens.

In early 2012 the Transportation Task Force developed final draft project goals and objectives. 

Three Phases of Public Involvement

Phase I: Understanding Community Concerns

We will be going on the road to the Farmer's Market, Concerts and Movies on the Commons, Crawfish Festival, local open houses, and neighborhoods to learn about issues with the transportation system and form an understanding of the transportation problems that need to be addressed. During this phase we want to learn about your experiences with the transportation system, understand your priorities, and identify the issues that you care about. Your early input will help identify where to develop solutions and strategies later in the process.

Phase 2: Deliberation and Discussion

This is the stage where the community will discuss ways to address transportation system needs and problems. Our goal is to make these conversations accessible and open to anyone who wants to participate. These may be difficult discussions because people may have different ideas about how to solve common problems, but the goal is to include many voices in these discussions and find the best solutions for the community as a whole.

Phase 3: Options and Recommendation

The result of the community conversation will be a list of potential project options and system alternatives that could become part of the updated TSP. The final recommendation to City Council will be based on which options satisfy the evaluation criteria and also have support from the community.

Process Diagram

Tualatin TSP Process Diagram