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Working Groups

Working Groups are discussion groups focused around a specific transportation issue. They offer an opportunity for deeper discussion and deliberation. They offer a way for Tualatin citizens and businesses to engage in discussion and work toward solutions together. Working Groups will generate ideas and transportation solutions for further consideration by the public, Transportation Task Force (TTF), Tualatin Planning Advisory Committee, and the City Council.

Upcoming Working Group Meetings:

  • The last Working Group meeting was held in July. See below for Working Group materials and notes.

Notes From Past Working Group Meetings:

Industrial and Freight


Bicycle and Pedestrian

Major Corridors and Intersections

Neighborhood Livability



Working Group Topics:

There are six working groups covering important transportation subjects. You can participate in as many as you would like.

  1. Major Corridors and Intersections: This group is focused on discussions of congestion, safety, and access on major corridors and key intersections in the City. Safety, congestion and signal timing will be topics within this group. 
  2. Neighborhood Livability: This group will talk about the safety, lower levels of traffic and accessibility expected inside Tualatin’s neighborhoods. School traffic will be a major discussion topic. 
  3. Transit: Residents in Tualatin want alternatives to driving. Employees desire better ways to get to work. People are asking for more transit service. This group will focus on deficiencies in the public transportation network and identify priority areas for improving access to transit service within the entire city. For the Linking Tualatin project, this group also will advise on key linkages to future high capacity transit, as well as goals, opportunities and constraints, land use characteristics and recommendations associated with Tualatin’s Focus Areas for more frequent, high capacity regional transit service. 
  4. Bicycle and Pedestrian: Tualatin wants to focus attention on the needs of people traveling in the community by foot and on their bike. This group will discuss system deficiencies and opportunities in both networks for accessing local amenities and business, reaching transit connections and recreational opportunities.
  5. Industrial and Freight: This group may adopt a unique meeting schedule to meet the demands of Tualatin’s business leaders. The group will discuss the movement of goods and its importance to the local and regional economy.  
  6. Downtown: City-wide, downtown is the place where citizens have shared the most comments about transportation deficiencies and needs. This group will focus on the downtown area, including the unique needs and the interplay between sometimes competing transportation interests. 

Meeting Format and Schedule:

Each group will meet approximately three times to talk about the Transportation System Plan. The Transit Working Group will discuss both the Transportation System Plan and Linking Tualatin projects, and will have additional meetings.

First Meetings: February 9th - March 8th
Those who attended discussed needs and deficiencies within Tualatin’s transportation system and brainstormed potential solutions and future transportation projects. Meeting summaries can be found above and in the Project Library.

Second Meetings: March 29th - April 16th 
Those who attended refined project ideas, identified projects that don’t work, and identified those which have the greatest potential. Meeting summaries can be found above and in the Project Library.

Third Meetings: June 4 - June 15
Those who attended considered how selected projects are evaluated in terms of the project’s goals and objectives, considered Transportation Task Force and community feedback, and further refined and prioritized recommendations for consideration at the Task Force. Meeting summaries can be found above and in the Project Library.

The Transit Working group has two additional meetings for discussion of Linking Tualatin topics: February 9 and July 17.

For more information and to sign up for Working Group emails, contact: Cindy Hahn, Associate Planner, (503) 691-3029, transportation@ci.tualatin.or.us